Lead Center Overview

An overview of WolfPack's Lead Tracking Software

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WolfPack's Lead Center uses custom code on your website to dynamically swap phone numbers on your website with tracking numbers. In addition, it tracks data sent through website forms.

This enables WolfPack to track where leads initiate from (i.e. Google Ads, Facebook, etc). This is how we are able to report exact return on investment on our advertising campaigns.

Upon onboarding with WolfPack's advertising plans, we will create your Lead Center account and invite the contacts we have on file to the account.

How To Use The Lead Center

Watch the video below to learn how to navigate lead tracking and find your marketing return on investment (ROI/ROAS).

How To Add Users To Your Lead Center Account

If you need additional users, please reach out to WolfPack Support through chat or [email protected].

Lead Center Pricing

Please review our Lead Center pricing article for more information.

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