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Disputing Google Local Service Ads
Disputing Google Local Service Ads

How WolfPack Advising disputes Google Local Service Ad Leads.

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If advertising with Google Local Ads through WolfPack Advising, we will dispute invalid leads with Google on your behalf.

What qualifies as an invalid lead?

The lead was within the last 30 days and meets one of the conditions below.


  • A call was from the wrong number.

  • The caller was trying to sell you a product or service.

  • A call was from someone seeking employment at your business.


  • A call was pre-recorded.

  • A call was otherwise not from a live human.

Location not served

  • The customer communicated their location, but the location wasn’t listed on your profile, and you declined the job.

Service Not Offered

  • The customer communicated their service type, the service wasn’t listed on your profile, and you declined the job.

  • The caller was looking for a physical store or looking to buy something other than a service (for example, parts).

Duplicate lead

  • The customer called to follow up on an existing lead for the same job within 15 days, and both leads were charged.

Examples of Leads That Are Valid

  • A lead was received outside of your business hours.

  • A customer asked for advice to complete a project related to a service you offer.

  • A customer canceled a booking.

  • A customer was researching potential projects or prices related to a service you offer.

  • A customer didn’t respond to your return call or message.

  • You listed a general service type on your profile, but you don’t do a specific type of service.

    • For example, your profile lists that you service water heaters, but you don’t service tankless water heaters.

  • You generally service an area or provide a service, but are temporarily unable or unwilling to provide these services (and they are still listed on your profile).

  • You're in a law vertical, have turned on general lawyer leads, and the lead is for any type of law service, it won't be credited under the dispute type “service not offered”. Opting into general law leads signals that your business is interested in getting law-related leads that don’t indicate a specific service type. Therefore, there will be no option to dispute law-related leads based on a specific law service or job type while opted for general law leads.

How To Report An Invalid Lead To WolfPack

You may report an invalid lead to WolfPack via email, or our website chat.

The easiest way to report invalid leads though is through your Lead Center. You may also report invalid leads by stating "invalid lead" in the notes section of the lead within your WolfPack Lead Center. Our team will automatically search for invalid leads every 7 days to dispute invalid leads on your behalf.

This function is not currently available for message leads.

After we dispute a lead, we will notify you of the outcome in your monthly reporting video.

For more information on our Lead Center, please watch the Lead Center Overview video.

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