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Email Text Is Not Formatting Properly
Email Text Is Not Formatting Properly

This article explains why email text is not formatting properly and how to fix it.

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These texts are most likely being taken from somewhere and placed into the text blocks, which explains why they are not formatting properly. When this occurs, some characters and artifacts of them are included with the text that are not visible when the email is created; they are only read by email services when the email arrives in the inbox. As a result, some differences between the design and the delivered version occur.

To prevent this from happening you should do one of the ways listed below:

1. Write text directly into ActiveCampaign (no copying/pasting from elsewhere)

2. Copy the text from somewhere that keeps the text plain and unformatted (ex: copy from notepad)

3. When you are going to paste the text copied from somewhere else, clean the text formatting to remove the invisible formatting. Please watch the video below to learn how to do it.

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