Everything you need to know about Campaigns in your WolfPack CRM

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Re-Using Past Emails/CampaignsThis article explains how to reuse previous emails or campaigns.
Saving Automation Email As A TemplateThis article explains how to save an automation email as a template.
Errors in Sending CampaignsThis article explains the errors that can occur when sending campaigns and how to fix them.
How To Share A Campaign Template To Another AC AccountIn this article, we'll show you how to create a sharing link for your campaign template.
How To Add An Attachment To A Mass EmailAdding file attachments in mass emails or campaigns.
Import Email Templates From Outside ActiveCampaign Using HTMLThis article explains how to import email templates from outside of Active Campaign using HTML.
Finding Contacts That Were Sent A CampaignThis article explains in detail how to locate contacts who were sent a campaign.
Sending a Pre-made Campaign/Email Template to a Specific Contact in your AccountThis article describes sending email/campaign to specific contacts.
Email Text Is Not Formatting ProperlyThis article explains why email text is not formatting properly and how to fix it.
Understanding Email Bounces and Their ImpactThis article explains what email bounces are, provides strategies for monitoring and reducing bounce rates to improve email deliverability.
WolfPack CRM Email Designer AIThis article describes an AI Email Designer that helps create campaigns for your Wolfpack CRM.
How to Use Conditional Content in WolfPack CRMMaximize engagement and efficiency in WolfPack CRM with tailored communication using conditional content