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Harness The Power Of The WolfPack CRM AI In The Automation Builder
Harness The Power Of The WolfPack CRM AI In The Automation Builder

Discover how to maximize the benefits of WolfPack CRM AI in the Automation Builder for streamlined and efficient automation creation.

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Be among the trailblazers! While this feature is currently in its exclusive Early Access phase, you can secure your spot to experience it firsthand.

Available on Lone Wolf, Pathfinder and Alpha Pro plans

Activate the power of ActiveCampaign AI within the Automation Builder by describing your ideal automation through prompts, allowing the AI builder to craft it effortlessly.

This innovative feature streamlines your automation creation, reducing the need for extensive clicking while delivering tailored solutions for your unique goals.

The Mechanics Behind It

ActiveCampaign AI for automation building is designed to simplify and expedite the process of creating and designing automations. By utilizing this tool, you can express your desired automation by typing it out as a prompt (click here for more information). With your prompt, ActiveCampaign AI will analyze the necessary actions needed to accomplish your goal and commence constructing the automation on your behalf.

Utilizing ActiveCampaign AI in the Automation Builder is Straightforward

  1. Begin by opening either a new or existing automation.

  2. Access the AI Builder tab located in the Builder Sidebar.

    AI Builder Icon.png
  3. Ensure your automation is set to 'Inactive,' as the AI Builder is not available for active automations.

  4. Choose the (+) node within the automation where you intend to add new actions. This selection will be highlighted in blue, and the prompt input field will appear.

  5. Type your prompt into the text input field (for more details on prompting, refer to this guide).

  6. Click 'Submit' or press 'Enter' on your keyboard.

    Please note that translating your prompt into actionable steps may take some time, with the duration influenced by the prompt's length and complexity. Once the AI Builder completes its translation, you will see actions based on your prompt, along with a success message detailing the additions.

  7. After the AI Builder completes its translation, you'll find the automation enriched with actions derived from your prompt, accompanied by a success message that details the newly incorporated elements.

    Example success message.png
  8. Please be aware that if your prompt fails to generate a valid set of actions, our system will provide an error message. For further insights into why specific actions may not have been added, refer to our 'Unsupported Actions' section.

  9. Once the AI Builder has integrated actions into your automation, you retain the flexibility to 'Undo' these changes through the Revision History.

    • The AI Builder creates a distinctive entry in the Revision History, allowing you to effortlessly revert to the previous version of the automation at any given moment.


Prompting entails expressing your automation objectives in your own words. Given the open-ended nature of this text input, you have the freedom to input a wide range of instructions, and our system will make every effort to provide a valid set of automation actions. While we strive to deliver accurate outcomes based on your prompts, there may be occasional variations and unpredictable results.

To enhance the reliability of your results, consider these best practices:

List-Based Prompts Utilizing list-based prompts represents the most accurate approach when interacting with the AI Builder. It's a straightforward process where you simply list the actions you wish to include.

For instance:

  • Sending an email, waiting for a day, and adding a tag.

  • Creating a deal, adding a task, waiting for a day, and updating the deal.

  • Subscribing to a list and adding a contact note.

Numbered List Prompts

Employing numbered lists proves to be an effective method for outlining frequently occurring actions within a simple sentence structure. This approach is particularly useful for fundamental messaging and task sequences.

For instance:

  • Send three emails with intervals of waiting in between.

  • Establish a deal and allocate four tasks across a span of three days.

  • Dispatch four SMS messages over a two-week period

Actions & Configurations

Unsupported Actions

Although ActiveCampaign AI in the automation builder accommodates most automation actions, there are a handful that currently aren't supported. Rest assured, we're diligently working to encompass all pertinent actions within this experience. Here's a list of actions not currently supported:

  • CX Apps Actions

  • If/Else Action

  • Split Action

  • Go To Action

Action Configuration

Furthermore, some actions are customizable directly within the prompt, allowing users to specify particular details associated with the action, which are then saved alongside the action itself




The time duration for a given Wait (i.e. Wait for 5 days)

Add Tag

The name of the Tag to add (i.e. Add a “New Customer” Tag)

Remove Tag

The name of the Tag to remove (i.e. Remove a “New Customer” Tag)

Subscribe to List

The name of the List to subscribe contacts to (i.e. Subscribe to “Master Contact” List)

Unsubscribe from List

The name of the List to unsubscribe contacts from (i.e. Subscribe to “Master Contact” List)

Goal Name

The name of the Goal to add (i.e. Add a Goal of “Subscribed”)

When working with actions that require a specific input, such as a tag, list, or goal, it is best to enclose the input in quotation marks (e.g., "name"). This approach guarantees precise configuration of the intended item within the action. For instance, you can add a 3-day wait and then include the "Nurturing" tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ActiveCampaign’s AI for automation building?

ActiveCampaign's AI for automation building is a dynamic tool that's engineered to kickstart, streamline, and enhance the automation creation process. With this innovative feature, you can articulate your automation goals using prompts, and our AI system will discern the essential actions required to attain your desired results, initiating the automation assembly on your behalf.

Who can access ActiveCampaign's AI for automation building?

WolfPack CRM AI for automation building is available to all users, regardless of their plan tier. To gain access, simply join our public early access waitlist by clicking here. Please note that there is currently no specific date for general availability (GA).

How will I know when this feature is activated in my account?

You will receive an email notification as soon as the early access is live and ready to be accessed in your account. Typically, activation only takes a few minutes.

Does ActiveCampaign's AI Automation Builder provide accurate responses?

WolfPack CRM AI for automation building aims to produce precise responses based on the information you provide. However, the accuracy of these responses can vary depending on factors like the quality of input, the level of customization, and the complexity of the task. While our AI is highly accurate, it's essential to understand that generative AI can sometimes yield results that are unexpected or may vary.

We are committed to refining this tool for greater accuracy and consistency. Your valuable feedback, both on successful outcomes and any challenges you encounter, is greatly appreciated as it plays a crucial role in improving the tool's functionality.

How many languages does ActiveCampaign’s AI support?

At present, WolfPack CRM AI for the Automation Builder exclusively functions with the English language

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