Everything you need to know about reporting in WolfPack CRM

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Contact Trend ReportThe contact trend report article gives insights and analysis on the patterns and changes in contact behavior over a specific period of time.
Field Breakdown ReportThe Field Breakdown report is a tool that presents field values in a meaningful way, allowing users to analyze customer trends and patterns.
Tag Trends Report
Campaigns Performance ReportThis article offers a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, providing insights for strategic decisions.
Predictive Content ReportThis article highlights the engagement and provides an insights and analysis on the future of content creation.
All Automations ReportThis article lists all automations in your WolfPack CRM, showing contact entry numbers and providing access to reports for each automation.
Automations Performance ReportThis article provides an overview of the Automations Performance report, including its features, how to access and how to export the data.
Goal Overview ReportThis article explains how to use and access the Goal Overview report to guage the performance of marketing goals and actions on contacts.
Sales Engagement Automation Report
Deal Overview ReportThis article explains the Deal Overview report to track your team's performance by accessing, filtering, and interpreting the data.
Sales Performance ReportThe Sales Performance Report tracks your sales team's performance with metrics, graphs, and tables, allowing you to filter and export data.
Task Overview ReportThis article provides an overview of the Task Overview report, offering insights into managing contact and deal tasks effectively.
Deal ForecastThe article introduces the Deal Forecast report, which aids in pipeline management and business forecasting for effective deal management.
Form Performance ReportThis article provides insights into form performance, including metrics like submissions, top forms, trends, filtering and export options.
Marketing Revenue ReportThe article explains how to track revenue from automation emails and campaigns, giving insights into the effectiveness of marketing efforts.
Custom ReportsThis article provides deep insights and informed decision-making with WolfPack Advising Custom Reports for marketing and sales.