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How WolfPack integrates with Field Routes (Pest Routes) and automation examples.

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Integrating with Field Routes (Pest Routes)

This article outlines how to set up and manage your integration with Field Routes to WolfPack CRM.

Getting Started

To get your integration started, you must first have an active Field Routes account.

Action Item 1:

Please get in touch with Field Routes support and ask them to send you your free API information. Once they get back to you with it, please forward it to us.

Field Routes has a free API connection that allows up to 50 data calls per day. We believe this will be sufficient for most companies we work with. However, if your company exceeds that amount, the other option is to use the paid API connection, for which Field Routes charges 30% of your monthly fee. This paid connection allows for unlimited API calls per day. We will start with the free version and monitor if it exceeds the daily limit.

Action Item 2:

Please provide us with a list of all the services you want Field Routes to send to the CRM. The names should be exactly as they appear in your account, even if it means spelling errors or unusual capitalization. Specify if it is a one-time or ongoing service next to the service name.

Here are some examples:

Quarterly Pest - ongoing

Rodent exclusion - one-time

Snake Away Treatment - one-time

Spider Cleanout - one-time

Termite Inspection - one-time


Or, you can create a login for us in your Field Routes account, and we can get the list on our end. We would need enough permissions to enter Admin -> Preferences -> Service Types.

Completing the two action items highlighted above will get us everything we need to begin the process. The integration process usually takes us about 2-3 business days. We will notify you once complete.

Integration Details

The Field Routes integration syncs updated contacts to WolfPack CRM, once daily, at approximately 8 PM Eastern.

Contacts will be tagged with "FR Contact".

Synced Data

This covers what data comes from Field Routes and syncs to WolfPack CRM:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Cell Phone

  • Address

  • Service Statuses (Active or Inactive)

  • Service Most Recent Appointment Date

  • Service Start Date (for recurring services only)

  • Service End Date (for recurring services only)

Additional data from Field Routes is available on a case-by-case basis upon request.

Popular Automation Examples & Possibilities

Here are a few popular automation possibilities from Field Routes to WolfPack CRM:

  • Review requests to pest control clients.

  • Automated postcards/mailers - see postcard integrations.

  • Automated cross-selling of services.

  • Automated upselling of services.

  • Attempting to reactivate inactive accounts.

Have additional questions not covered in this article? Please contact our support team.

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