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Merging Two Accounts
Merging Two Accounts

This article describes how to merge two accounts and what happens when your contact limit is reached.

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There is currently no native tool that allows for a quick merge of the two accounts.

As a result, you'll need to export the available data from your old account and import it into your new one.

The majority of data can be exported; however, some data specific to contact activity cannot be exported.

For example, any notes that a contact record may have will not be exportable. If they have lengthy notes that you want to associate with contacts, we recommend creating a custom field and copying and pasting the note into it.

What if the old system has several email lists and you want to import these email lists and subscribe the contacts from the old system to the email lists in the new system?

That is a possibility. You can import the old system's email lists into your new system and export the contacts from each of these email lists. You can subscribe them to the email list to which you want them to be added during the import process. When importing, don't forget to check the box to update existing contacts before clicking "Import now".

What about our subscription limits? Will adding contacts to these email lists cause us to exceed our subscription limit?

Yes. Depending on the contact tier in which your new system is currently enrolled, you may reach your subscription limit if we subscribe contacts from your old system to email lists in your new system.

What happens if we reached our contact limit?

1. You may not be able to add new contacts.

2. You will be unable to create or send campaigns.

3. No contacts will be added to automations.

When you've reached the maximum number of contacts allowed by your plan, we recommend upgrading to a plan so you can add more contacts and keep sending out campaigns. Send an email to [email protected] if you need assistance processing your plan upgrades.

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