Granting ISN User Permission

This article explains ISN user privileges, how to add WolfPack Advising, and how to manage inspector settings.

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This article explains how to add WolfPack Advising as a new user, defines user privileges in ISN, and manages inspector settings to grant WolfPack Advising access to your ISN's email and inspection reports.

During the onboarding process, it is important that you grant WolfPack Advising access to your ISN. The first thing you need to do is make a new user by going through the procedures that are outlined in this help article from ISN. "How to add a new user/inspector to your ISN"

Once WolfPack Advising has been created as a user, you can use the information in this ISN help article to determine what privileges our account will require in order for us to perform the functions of our responsibilities within your ISN. "Privilege Definitions"

These duties include making the email containers, email templates, and email events required for ISN to send emails to your WolfPack CRM. Another would be having access to your inspection reports, which we would need to export and import to your CRM as well as use to analyze inspection data entered into your CRM.

Last but not least, this article offers comprehensive instructions for configuring WolfPack Advising in your Inspector Settings. "Inspector Settings"

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