Contact Scoring

Score contacts based on how they have interacted with your company.

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Contact scoring is only available on professional plans.

What is Contact Scoring?

Contact scoring is a numerical value assigned to your contacts that can be created and managed on the Contacts > Scoring page. It allows you to evaluate and prioritize the quality of your leads, with no limit to the number of scores you can create in your account. Scoring can occur one time per contact, or each time a contact matches your rules.

Example Use Cases

One of the most popular uses of scoring is to optimize your sales process so that your sales team is always focused on the highest quality leads. Scores can also be used to:

  • Identify contacts who are a good match for your product or service, but not engaged, so that you can move them into nurturing automations specifically designed to increase interest and strengthen your relationship. In this way, scoring can be useful as a benchmark for how close a particular contact is to purchasing so that you can adjust your marketing accordingly.

  • Identify the interests of your contacts. You can create rules and automations that give points for visiting product pages of your website and clicking product links in your emails. When they reach a threshold score, you can begin an automation that delivers targeted follow-up with content and offers related to that product.

  • Measure the engagement of new customers. For instance, in the SaaS industry, if new customers aren’t interacting with your emails and website it may be an indication that additional contact is needed so they don’t cancel. If a new customer has a low engagement score you could move them into an automation that provides helpful resources and information intended to help them get more value out of the service and pique their interest in it by reselling the benefits.

  • Create a predictive model. If your scoring system is accurate, you can use the leads in your funnel to forecast revenue.

  • Alter your marketing on the basis of a contact's score so that you are more aggressive with highly engaged contacts who are a great fit. A contact who is highly engaged is probably ready to make a purchase decision and you may be able to be more aggressive with the frequency you contact them. In this way, you can adapt the length of your sales cycle on the basis of a lead's behavior.

How Can I Implement Contact Scoring?

To implement contact scoring for your account, go to Contacts > Scoring in your dashboard. You can then set up rules for contact scoring to assign numerical values to your contacts. The exact process for setting up contact scoring will vary depending on the software you're using.


Contact scoring can be a valuable tool for organizations of all sizes, helping them to measure, evaluate, and prioritize the quality of their leads. You can easily set up contact scoring on the Contacts > Scoring page in your dashboard.

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