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An overview of campaigns.

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What Are Campaigns?

Campaigns are single-time, designed mass emails to contacts on an email list. A contact has to be subscribed to an email list in order to send a campaign.

Types of Campaigns

There are different types of campaigns as described below:

  • Standard - a standard, single-use mass email (most common).

  • Automated - Custom sequences of email actions and conditions (see automations).

  • Auto Responder - an automated email that sends after someone subscribes to your email list.

  • Split Testing - A/B testing standard email campaigns.

  • RSS Triggered - Sends whenever your RSS Feed is updated.

  • Date Based - Sends a mass email based on a date field such as a birthday or anniversary.

Selecting An Email List

As stated, a contact has to be subscribed to an email list in order to send a mass email or campaign to the contact. With every campaign, you must choose which email list or email lists you wish to send the email to.

You can choose multiple email lists. If a contact is on multiple email lists, your campaign will only be delivered once to that contact.

Segmenting Your Email List

You can also segment or add additional filters to your email lists to further specify who you wish to send your campaign to.

First, select an email list to segment. Then an option to segment your email list further will appear at the bottom of your Lists page in the campaign builder.

For example, you may segment your email list by tag, custom field, or other filters available.

Designing Your Campaign

After selecting your email list and segmenting your list if needed, you can then begin to design your email.

Campaigns can be designed with the following tools:

  • Campaign Designer - the latest email designer tool (recommended).

  • Classic Designer - a legacy email designer tool.

  • Text Only - an email designer for text only.

  • Custom HTML - a tool to write your email with custom HTML.

When choosing an email design tool, you can start your email design from basic templates, pre-designed templates, custom layouts, or from past campaigns.

Please watch the video above to learn how to use the email designer tool.

Sending Your Campaign

After advancing from the email designer, you can view your Campaign Summary.

This will include your Campaign Name, Selected Email List/Segment, To/From/Reply-To Details, & Tracking Capabilities.

Additionally, you will be able to view a Spam Checker tool to see if your email contents pass a general spam test. You will need to make corrections before sending a campaign if you do not pass the spam check.

Finally, you can schedule or send your campaign immediately.

Be sure to test your campaign by sending a test to your own email address.

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