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General Reports Overview

Reports are important tools as they provide valuable insights based on data. They simplify complex information and help make informed decisions across different areas. This overview explores various types of reports and emphasizes their significance to your marketing efforts and to your business.

Different Types Of Reports


  1. Contact Trend Report

    • The Contact Trends page shows you how many new contacts you have gained and lost over a specific time. It uses information about people who signed up, people who stopped subscribing, and emails that couldn't be delivered (bounced emails) to give you an idea of how your contact list is changing.

  2. Fields Breakdown Report

    • The Field Breakdown report is like a dashboard that shows information in a clear way. It tells you about the different values for account, contact, and deal fields. Depending on the field you choose, the report will show a table, pie chart, or bar chart. You can use this report to see patterns and trends in customer information.

  3. Nearby Contacts

    • This tool helps you see people who are close to your business. It uses their IP address, which shows where they are when they open their emails. It also keeps track of when they last opened an email.

  4. Tag Trends Report

    • The Tag Trends report shows you how tags are changing in your ActiveCampaign account. It helps you see patterns, like how many contacts have a certain tag, which tags are used the most, and which tags are used the most during a specific time period.


  1. Campaigns Performance Report

    • The Campaigns Performance report shows information about all the campaigns you sent. It includes campaigns sent to a list of people and automated emails sent to at least one person. But it doesn't include 1:1 emails sent to contacts.

  2. Email Client Trends

    • It can tell you which email services your contacts use the most. This means it can show you if they use Gmail, Yahoo, or other email providers. Second, it says that it can help you organize your contacts based on where they live. So, you can see which contacts are close to you and which ones are far away.

  3. Opens/ Reads Trends

    • This shows how many times the email was opened and read, including when it was opened by different people. It also tells you how many people did not open the email at all.


  1. All Automations Report

    • The All Automations report shows a list of all the automations in your ActiveCampaign account. It tells you how many contacts entered each automation. You can also get more detailed reports for each automation from this page.

  2. Automation Performance Report

    • The Automation Performance report gives you overall information about all the automations in your account that have sent at least one campaign. It shows you how many contacts entered each automation and gives you a quick overview of how well your automation campaigns are doing.

  3. Goal Overview Report

    • The Goal Overview report gives you information about how well the goals set up in your automations are performing. It tells you how many contacts have achieved each goal and gives you a quick overview of how successful your goals are.


  1. Sales Engagement Report

    • The Sales Engagement Automation report helps you see data and information about your automated sales emails that are sent to individual prospects. This report shows you how well your emails are doing, gives you an understanding of how prospects are interacting with them, and provides details on email opens, click-throughs, reply rates, and bounces.

  2. Deal Overview Report

    • The Deal Overview report allows you to see how your sales team is doing over a period of time. It shows you all the deals that have been created, marked as won, and marked as lost by you and your team members who are responsible for managing the deals.

  3. Deal Owner Overview

    • This shows you the number of deals that each specific deal owner has. It helps you see which deal owners have more deals compared to others.

  4. Sales Performance Report

    • The Sales Performance report gives you a leaderboard-style view of how well your sales team is performing. It shows you important metrics and visual bar graphs to easily understand the information. This report helps you quickly assess the current status of your sales team and also provides historical data for comparison.

  5. Task Overview

    • The Task Overview report gives you a quick overview of the tasks assigned to contacts and deals. It helps you identify task owners who may need additional coaching or support in completing their tasks and closing deals successfully.

  6. Deal Forecast

    • The Deal Forecast report gives you a summary of the current status of your sales pipeline. It helps you make accurate predictions about your business on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This report also allows you to review past trends and see how accurate your previous forecasts were by looking at which deals are still open and which ones have been closed.


  1. Form Performance Report

    • The Form Performance report gives you a complete view of how well your forms are performing. It shows you the performance of each form individually and also provides an overall summary. This report helps you quickly identify which forms are generating the most contacts. You can also track the performance of individual forms over time using this report.

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  1. Marketing Revenue Report

    • The Marketing Revenue report allows you to see how much of your store's revenue is generated by automation emails and campaigns sent from your ActiveCampaign account. This report helps you understand the impact of your marketing communications on the overall sales of your store. It shows you the direct contribution of your marketing efforts to the revenue generated.

  2. Custom Reports

    • The custom Reports feature allows you to create personalized reports that provide a comprehensive view of your marketing and sales activities. These reports help you identify trends, uncover areas of opportunity, and support the growth of your business by providing specific data that is relevant to your needs. With Custom Reports, you can tailor the information to suit your unique requirements and make informed decisions based on the insights gained.

      Building business best practices through Custom Reports
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