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How the integration works between scheduling softwares.

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Every scheduling software is a little different, but by default, data is carried over into your account once an inspection is complete in the scheduling software. This could be once the inspection is marked complete in ISN, or once a report is uploaded in Spectora.

Data is only communicated in one direction from the scheduling software to WolfPack.

At this time, data is not carried from WolfPack to your scheduling software. However, that may change soon.

Syncing Data & Contact Identifiers

In WolfPack, unique identifiers between contacts are based on a single email. In your scheduling software, unique contact identifiers may be a contact id number. Therefore you can have duplicate contacts with the same email in your scheduling software, but that is not possible in WolfPack. In addition, some scheduling software allows for multiple emails assigned to one contact. That is again not possible in WolfPack.

When troubleshooting contact information, it's important to review all possible contacts in your scheduling software, as well as, look for any other possible emails a user might have.

Changing How Data Is Moved Over

In some cases, you may request data to be ported into your CRM during a different time such as once an inspection is scheduled, or at the time of the inspection. For those unique instances, please email support.

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